Condega, Nicaragua



The official fire department of condega, nicaragua

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Emergency Services for Latin America


To provide emergency response training and lifesaving equipment with a focus on sustainable community integration.

Los Bomberos de San Francisco

Los Bomberos de San Francisco is an organization comprised of San Francisco City firefighters and officers who promote leadership and excellence while striving to lead by positive example through active participation in the local Latino community.

Oregon Rescue


Oregon Rescue provides professional rescue instruction including Technical Rope Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Wilderness and Emergency Medical Training.

Rescue Response Gear

Rescue Response Gear is a custom solutions provider to the global adventure access community.

Rescue Response Gear specializes in technical rescue and rope access equipment, working with public and private industry providing rescue equipment, rope access equipment, rescue training, and rope access training to Fire Departments, Training Facilities, Public Utility Companies, Tower Erector Companies, and Search and Rescue Organizations as well as Federal, State, County and City Agencies.

Today in Condega

Our success in Condega lead us to work closely with Jaime Delgado Cultura, the head of the national volunteer firefighters association.  This volunteer association works in tandem with the country’s paid firefighters.  Through this relationship, we have delivered two fire trucks and over 20 tons of donated fire fighting, EMS and rescue equipment to Nicaragua.  This equipment is helping establish new fire departments in Nicaragua. We are also working with a fire department in Argentina, also in great need of equipment. Donations are always needed and appreciated.

How Can I Help?

We are a 50l(c)(3) nonprofit and any and all donations of cash or good equipment allows us to further this effort.  There are no paid positions in our group.